Alles und


Performance of the Tanzlabors

Friday 19. April 2024 11:00 – 11:45 No intermissions Kulturhaus Brotfabrik

Cast at
19. April 2024


Katharina Augendopler

Katy Geertsen


Anna Asamer


Jessica Tarbai

About the production

Short summary

What you see is not what is. It is certainly not everything.

We find ourselves in the midst of both extremes of immediate proximity and distance. And the balance that needs to be maintained becomes a feat of strength. When we are bombarded with vast amounts of information, we try to filter, prioritize, make connections, sort (out) and rearrange. The drawers and echo chambers in which we put ourselves and others promise calm and balance. In the midst of constant sensory overload, we are usually looking for simple answers, but do they exist?

Yet everyone never sees everything.

This year, inspired by the Vienna State Ballet's ballet evening Shifting Symmetries, the Tanzlabor ensemble, consisting of 16 dancers, explored the questions "What throws me off balance?" and "Where has there been no balance for a long time?" and developed their own dance piece from this.

Everything and Nothing is a piece about the now, which is sometimes too loud and diffuse, which tempts us to think too simply out of sheer overload, which searches for immediate answers everywhere and probably becomes too one-sided in the process. It is a play about the everyday balance that we often find and then lose again in the next moment. We throw each other off track and try to find our way back together.

© Ashley Taylor
© Ashley Taylor
© Ashley Taylor
© Ashley Taylor

This production is a cooperation

of the Vienna State Opera, the Vienna State Ballet and Tanz die Toleranz