Clarisse Praun-Maylunas

Clarisse Praun-Maylunas studied archaeology and contemporary dance in Vienna and Paris and set design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, followed by a period of experimentation in the fields of dance, choreography, stage, costume and archaeology in Vienna, Paris, New York and Ephesus, in which the work as a costume designer soon turned out to be the dominant one. Numerous designs for opera, ballet, Disney musicals and drama followed in the entire German-speaking area – including the theaters in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Vienna – but also in Paris, Avignon, Rome and Amsterdam.
A special focus of Clarisse Praun-Maylunas’s work is on contemporary theater. She created designs for productions by Thomas Bernhard, Gert Jonke and Polly Stenham. Her opera productions include world premieres by composers such as Otto M. Zykan, H. K. Gruber, Kurt Schwertsik, Gottfried von Einem or Giorgio Battistelli. In the dance field she worked with choreographers such as Ismael Ivo, Liz King or Elio Gervasi. A close collaboration connects her with the Karl Welunschek’s Viennese ensemble.
In addition, Clarisse Praun-Maylunas created numerous exhibition designs and installations for museums, including exhibitions about D’Annunzio (Rome, Catania, Viterbo), jewellery in Vienna and most recently in the Orangerie at Schloss Schönbrunn »Musica Femina«, for which Clarisse Praun-Maylunas also created sculptures in the form of metal costumes.
At the renowned Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna she has lectured costume design.